why did i have a dream i adopted ivan and my grandmother and father didn’t approve so they hid him away in their house and told him not to say anything or they’d kill him so i freaked out and said even if he was ugly i’d still love him fkfjjrfrioifiru

then i went for a walk in the middle of the night and this fucking car kept charging at me and it’d multiply so i woke up from a dream IN  my dream IN school with rei laughing at me like “OMG I HAVE NIGHTMARES TOO!” but i wasn’t even me i was max so me and him walked around the school and he kept asking me what i dreamt about BUT WHEN I TOLD HIM HE DIDN’T BELIEVE ME?

anyway we went to gym class and this girl was all protective over rei saying i was too ugly to hang out with him (i was max idk where THAT was relevant) so i got all mad and kai is like “i’ll snap her arm for you”

so he did

then i woke up 

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